See hints down below prize images for help


The dead forest is filled with water from the rain,how a glowy pumpkin growth there?

"Up by some African Spirit masks are we, one for a man & one for a lady. "

1 - "3 skulls and bags full of blood?"
2 - "Stacked bodies and a pumpkin?"

1-Exclusive - Witches Be Brewing Something Here
2- non exclusive - The Train Left Without Me
3- non exclusive - Grave Stones & Trees

Dragonmoon Designs-
1- Illuminated In The Town Square
2-The Bones At The End Of The Road
3- Witches Brew
4- Your Last Ride
5- Your Way Out Of This Town

Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru
1- Masks are collected here
2- just hanging around

Allure Couture
1- Nestled cozy in the fiendish mouth of the dark tree.
2- Find the twisted, rusted out car to claim this prize.
3- Three dastardly witches...and a pumpkin.
4- Within the Magick Shoppe a Tarot Reading awaits.
5- A grand dance of the dead circle the angelic statue.

1- "Oh..this coffin is scary."
2- "Welcome to Church! Have a seat."
3- "I like to sit on this bench and watch the ocean. There's a lot a pumpkins here too."
4- "A library with ALOT of books."
5- "I guess this is my EXIT, a place where I lay for eternity."

Zinner Shapes & Gallery
1- Do you want a magic potion?
2- There is a mummy beside me.
3- RIP - Rest in peace.

Cash register.

Something New
1- Even a Ghost puppy likes carrying pumpkins
2- Floating in birdless cages can scare you
3- Follow the exit sign up and beyond for Exclusive views
4- Pumpkins for sale in ever potion cart
5- Even zombies can hang from chandeliers

1-Hunt's pumpkins are near pumpkins

Northern Xposure
1-I thought about being a witch for a spell - my ALTAR ego.
2 - Double, Double, toil and trouble, fire burn and CAULDRON bubble.
3 - Come in and sit for a spell.
4 - Stay on Track, you don't know Jack o'Lantern
5 - Hey Doll, just hangin around, dying to be found.

1- Behave yourself
2- One of us
3- Deal

~GBD~ Georg Bellic Design
1- Play Time (Halloween Doll)
2- Ghost Dancing (Halloween Earrings)
3- My first Seance (Sleeves)
4- Faith (Cravat)
5- Black Cats Music (Dress-Hunt Exclusive)

:: ST ::
1- After died as a pumpkin soup, I found that stayed in a pot was a bad choice.

1- Let's sit by the fountain
2- The wheels go round and round
3- That's one fat stack of cauldrons!

Dreamscapes Decor
1- I'm lurking at the church
2-The pumpkin patch is THE place to be!
3- Halloween fright & fun at the graveyard
4- I'm chilling in the Haunted Manor
5-Potions, Herbs, Spells - this shop has it all!

Ever Green
1-Gussy up before dinner.
2-Hanging with the Skellies.
3-Rockin in a rock with a candle.
4-I'm behind a red roof.
5-I'm not trash, I swear!

Applique` Chic
#1: Watch Out for the speeding patrol car
#2 Play a scary tune
#3 Pray for help
#4 Wait for the train
#5How much is that pumpkin in the window

MadCatCreations Boutique
Woman - 2 heads

1-You're the pumpkin of my eye... or is that apple?

Emi's Attic
-1 (Lobelets Trio) "The house is full of terror, watch the floor below when you reach for your prize                 
-2 (Halloween BoM Set)  Head up stairs to the bath, watch your step and the cage!    
-3 (Nightmares in Color Mani Pedi Collection)  Watch your step, blood is everywhere! when moving to the next room..7 years bad luck has already happened

1- Being a good girl at church...is that the fire pit to hell?
2- working the tracks
3- getting a reading
4- voo doo what you do so well

#1.  I guard the gates
#2.  Just playing around
#3.  I am a wall flower
#4.  Rocking in my rocking chair
#5.  Look at all the pretty lights!!!!