Hell Town Key - [M]ELANGE !NC..png

Melange Hints:

1. "Why you gotta be on my bumper?"
2. "The school of evil!"
3. "Ooo. It's nice and warm by this fireplace."
4. "Oh my! A mummy in the bed upstairs!"
5. "The bus of horrors."
6. 'The church of destruction."
7. "There's a hole in the fence."
8. "Wow! All these books!"
9. "Let's summon some, look beyond the curtain."
10. Exclusive - "In the trash can."

Something New Hunt Key.png

Something New Hints:

Hint 1 - Hocus Pocus Pumpkins and Potions

Hint 2- Did Cinderella use the wrong Pumpkin for her carriage?

TAZZ's Mad Hatter Hat Helltown version PIC.png

Emi's Attic Hints:

* Beckoning Mani Pedi -- "hopefully the police won't find me here!"
* Sinister Face art - "do you believe in Magic?"
* Necromacer Mani Pedi _ "not bad playing with one hand, but the singing YIKES!"
* BeJeweled Face art - "round and round we go, I should have bounced on the pony..."
* Visa Heart Liners - "SERIOUSLY?!?!? who eats candy corn anymore?


Witchery Hints:

#1 Beloved Wife

#2 The angel weeps

#3Learn something and stay warm

#4 They aren't bad luck!

#5 maybe there's a vacancy

#6 maybe a potion or two

#7 the last stop #8make a wish


Indigenous Hints:

1. TAZZ'S Mad Hatter Hat (Exclusive) - hint - Hotel Bushes

2. Bones & Roses - hint - Trash needs to be picked up

3. Hocus Pocus - hint - This old train ain't goin' nowhere


Spells & Charms - Helltown 2 Hunt.png

Spells & Charms Hints:

1= R.I.P 

2=Sitting comfortably 


4=Living in a shelf 

5= Play with me 

6= School time 

7= Observing the World 

8= Drinking Water 

9= In Jail 

10= Barbecue


Dragonmoon Designs Hints:

1. Rock The Night Away

2. Go For A Ride To Lock Up

3. King Of The Hill Amongst The Pumpkin Patch

4. On Sacred Ground

5. Public Transportation......For The Undead

HTH 2 ~Chimeric Arts & Fashions~ Bleeding Horn Masks.png

Chimeric Arts & Fashion Hints:

1. Come to my funeral and bid me goodbye.

2. A blood colored hearse, inky black tires.

3. A cat, a skeleton, a tree... look high when you come find me!

Grumble-Hell Town Halloween 2 Ad.jpg

Modern Nostalgia Hints:

i'm in the window watching you...do you see me??


Dark Intentions Hints:

1-Hang or Swing 

2-No Buses out of Town 

3-Cash Only


United InshCon Hints:

Many many Halloween Stuffs


Frick-n-Frack Hints:

#1 Trick or treaters are fun to scare

#2 sitting among books & bottles


Kinky Pinky Hints:

1= shopping with the cat

2 = climbing the stairs

3 = dead!

4= hello doc

5 = driving

6 = just hanging

7 = classical music


Grumble Hints:

1. Watching TV in the alley

2. Waiting on the bus

3. Cooking on Satan's flames

4. With all the potions


_.__LUNA__. Hell '22 Ad.png

.::LUNA::. Hints:

Hint 1 : Let's play the Piano?

Hint 2: Going to the magic shop?


_PurpleMoon Hell'22 Ad.png

Purple Moon Hints:

Hint 1: I'm a little pumpkin, lost in so many big ones, I'm going wet! Hint 2: Just around the corner...


Ebp - Hell Town Halloween Luxury.png
.lovelysweet. Hunt Key -HellTown Halloween 2.png

Purple Moon Hints:

1- blood

2- dress

3- dress

4- dress

5- dress

6- boots

7- headband

8- knife


.lovelysweet. Hints:

#1- Fountains are fun, especially when you are with one of your black feathered friends.. 
#2- "Waiting for a bus? Well come sit by me!"
#3 "Tired? Come by the old Motel and take a seat in the comfy couch... just, please don't eat the pizza..eww"


Ever Green - An Eclectic Halloween Ad.png
The Stringer Mausoleum - Helltown Hunt Key.png


01 DB AHOY, MATE! - I'm in an Iron pot!

02 DB BAT PUMPKIN CANDLE - Look for the Death Wagon.


04 DB GHOSTLY MIRROR - I'm on the steps behing the pillar!


06 DB BAT CAVE- I'm sitting on a fence post!

07 DB SKULL SUNFLOWER FENCE - i'm inside a coffin!

08 DB CARNIVEROUS GARDEN - i"m on a window ledge by a zombie!

09 DB WITCH DEN- I't a crime scene!

10 DB ETERNAL MOURNING - I hope these potions work!


Ever Green Hints:

Good thing there is no glass left in the window.

Best Seat in the House (sorta)!

I like the HOLLYWOOD one better.

I will not eat the teacher.

No Birds getting past us!

As good a place as any to wait, and wait and wait...

What's on TV? ME!!!

Don't toss ME out with the trash!

I'd make a good mask too.

I'm definitely safe under this bed...


The Stringer Mausoleum Hints:

1 - There is no Bell, just a pumpkin

2 - Up on the tallest

3 - Beam me to Space

4 - Bobbing for . . .

5 - A fence might not let you get out, but it could get you somewhere

6 - Around the back by the crack!

7 - Fire burn and cauldron bubble

8 - a ghost and some wood guards the way

9 - Grab a potion and get a view

10 - rugs for days