Our yearly rotation for 2022 is:

HUNTS (6/year)- https://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/  
The Stupid Cupid Hunt- February
The Evil Bunny Hunt-April
The Beached Bunny Hunt-July
The Boo! Bunny Hunt-October
The Jerky Turkey Hunt-November
The Grumpy Santa Hunt-December

EVENTS (5/year)- https://www.evilbunnysl.com/
-Sinners And Saints 3 (Valentines-love/anti-valentine) February 5-28th, 2022
-The Upside Down (new event replacing Dark Side)(alternate dimension/horror) APRIL 9-30th, 2022
-Fable 7  (Fairytale/Fantasy) August 6-31st, 2022
-Mad Circus 8 (Halloween/Horror) October 8-31st, 2022
-Naughty List 7 (Christmas Naughty/Nice) December 10-31, 2022

MINI 11-DAY EVENTS  (4 mini events)
-Candyland 4 March 12-22nd, 2022 -Theme: Sweet/Naughty & Candy themed
-Under the Sea 3 June 4-14th, 2022 - Theme:Underwater/Ocean
-Down the Rabbit 3 Hole July 9-19th, 2022 - Theme: whimsical, fantasy, bizarre
-Black Friday Bazaar 5 November 19-29th, 2022 - Theme: NO theme except black friday holiday sales

UP FOR GRABS (The Gacha Life Replacement Event)
Brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions
Event will take the place of THE GACHA LIFE

February 5-28
April 5-30
June 5-50
August 5-31
October 5-31
December 5-31

After losing our ability to have gachas in-world, we will be doing a new style of shopping by numbers event, very similar to gachas.

Starts the 12th of the month at 12 noon SLT
12L gift and exclusive release
NO THEMES for Twe12ve!